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What is the biggest impact CrossFit has had on the story of your life?

Growing up as a male that was overweight, un-athletic, and not into sports, a large part of my story about myself was about all the ways I was inadequate and the thingsI could not do. CrossFit has helped me realize that these things are not something you are born into, but something that anyone can achieve with the right guidance, support, and willingness to work hard.

What does being a coach mean to you?

I believe that how we choose to view the narrative of our story has a profound impact on how we experience life. Being a coach means I get to help other people realize they aren't trapped in the story they have been living in, but instead can build the story of their life in any way that they want.

What is the aspect of building your best life that you most enjoy talking to people about?

I love talking about psychology, communication, and how we can use mindset to our advantage to achieve the things we want to achieve and focus on the things that are most valuable to us.

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